Flashpoint MVMNT

Flashpoint MVMNT

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Breaking down barriers to change the image of cycling

We’re stepping up to create the changes that we want to see in cycling. After a year of turmoil, bikes have never been more popular as a means of exploration, exercise and adventure. But this boom illustrates the divide between the bike industry and the folks actually buying the equipment. Why should newcomers be influenced by traditional reference points? How does old-fashioned racing culture relate to the simple joys of turning pedals, bombing down hills and exploring new places on two wheels?

These four riders, from different backgrounds, are united in a common goal to introduce new audiences to cycling. Flashpoint MVMNT is determined to break down the barriers that can discourage people from riding bikes. These four riders are committed to proving that riders don’t need a specific look or uniform to feel comfortable cycling. Riders should not be defined by skin color, gender, body type, cultural background, household income or their equipment preferences. Even the terms “road cyclist”, “gravel rider”, and “mountain biker” are outdated names that all-to-often constrain riders to artificial categories.

Flashpoint MVMNT isn’t a traditional race team. The riders don’t wear uniforms, they set their own schedules, and pursue their own goals. They may aspire to win races throughout the season, but they understand that victory is fleeting and are working toward a larger goal of making a lasting impact and changing the face of cycling.

Founded by Giro Sport Design, with support from Canyon Bicycles, SRAM/Zipp/RockShox, Wahoo, Thule and WTB.

Riders: Kathy Pruitt, Andrew Jackson, Amanda Schaper and Nehemiah Brown. Follow Flashpoint MVMNT on Instagram

Kathy Pruitt

Racing Hard and Spreading the Stoke

Kathy Pruitt is a lifelong California resident and an incredible athlete on two-wheeled machines of all kinds. She has an impressive race resume, including Junior Downhill World Champion. Kathy has always been a racer, even when juggling bike industry day jobs. This year, she is back to being a full-time athlete and is fully committed to racing gravel at the highest level. Kathy stands out by bringing an undeniably positive attitude everywhere she goes. She is determined to show that racing is about having fun, with the goal of encouraging new people to toe the line. 

“I want to prove that smiling
and being a little
actually makes you faster.”

Andrew Jackson

Giving Bikes a Creative New Style

Andrew Jackson hails from downtown Los Angeles, California, and has an impressive history as a BMX street-riding legend. He recently discovered the joy of drop bar bikes, trading rail slides and wall rides for gravel events and road races. He brings a new, creative style to gravel and road riding, which is inspired by his BMX background and his professional career as a filmmaker. Andrew is motivated to give cycling a fresh new look that appeals to different types of riders.

“I want to show people that
you don’t need to live in the
mountains to ride gravel.”

Amanda Schaper

Welcoming Everybody to the Bike Community

Amanda Schaper lives in Santa Cruz, California, and feels most at home on the trails and dirt roads amongst the redwoods. She started riding and racing nearly 15 years ago, always mixing it up between mountain bike, cyclocross, and gravel events. Bikes quickly changed Amanda’s life, even leading to a new career. Since 2010, she has managed the marketing efforts for some of the bike industry’s most reputable brands, and now has her own independent consulting business. Amanda has consistently used her position in the bike industry to create new opportunities for women and promote gender inclusivity.

“I want to make the
cycling community a fun
and welcoming space
for everybody.”

Nehemiah Brown

Achieving More Diversity in Cycling

Nehemiah Brown leads a busy life in San Rafael, California, balancing his day job at a technology start-up with dawn patrol rides and weekend road trips. He loves all types of riding, as long as it includes a healthy dose of dirt and adventure. At the center of everything Nehemiah does, is his commitment to promoting racial equity. He is constantly working towards achieving more diversity in cycling by advising brands on how to be more inclusive, and how to break down barriers by creating experiences so members of underprivileged communities can enjoy cycling. 

“I want to uplift
marginalized communities,
and that starts by making
sure they can join the fun.”

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